Business Solutions

Molds to fit your business needs

Customer Relationship Management / CRM

  • Manage all your customer contact information in one place
  • Track and respond to conversations happening over email, phone, live chat and social media
  • Segment your customers into meaningful groups
  • Get a complete picture of your customers by integrating your sales data and custom business data

Shared Inboxes

  • Everything you need to keep your team inboxes organized
  • Snooze conversations that can’t be acted on immediately
  • Organize and categorize conversations using labels
  • Automate business workflows using rules
  • Separate concerns using live folders
  • Collaborate with your team using private notes and assignment

Live Chat

  • Install the Enchant Messenger on your website
  • Communicate in real time with to your website visitors via our platform
  • Chat transcripts are saved and searchable
  • Follow up on live chats even when your customer has left your site

Customer Support Communications

  • All your customer support requests organized inside Enchant shared inboxes
  • Categorize requests using labels
  • Separate your support queues using live folders
  • Respond faster using canned responses, rules and macros
  • Reduce support requests by building an integrated knowledge base
  • Provide real time support using integrated live chat
  • Get a guage on the effectiveness of your team using integrated satisfaction ratings
  • Give your team context by integrating your customer data and sales data

Sales Communications

  • Organize sales conversations in Enchant shared inboxes
  • Setup your sales pipelines using labels & live folders
  • Use rules to automatically assign conversations to the appropriate sales representative
  • Use private notes to collaborate with the team
  • Use live chat to enable conversations between your website visitors and your sales team
  • Integrate your business data into Enchant to ensure your sales team has the needed context

Marketing Communications

  • Manage your targetted marketing communications via Enchant shared inboxes
  • Automatically associate communications with their marketing campaign using inbox aliases and rules
  • Integrate custom business data to provide context on customer segments

Social Media Communications

  • Connect Enchant to your social media accounts
  • Track mentions of you brand on twitter
  • Convert mentions into conversations in Enchant inboxes
  • Respond to social media conversations directly from Enchant

Segment and Analyze Your Customers

  • Use communication history labels to automatically segment customers
  • Using the reports, identify which customers are most active in segments
  • Leverage customer segment data in customer support, sales and marketing operations

Managing Website Content

  • Build a dedicated website that can be managed by your team (no IT needed)
  • Create your content using our easy to use article builder
  • Organize articles into categories and sections
  • Customize the design and website address to match your brand
  • Automatically adapts to work on all devices
  • Fully hosted on our content distribution network

Customer Surveys

  • Send surveys to your customers to understand the effectiveness of your team communications
  • Collect and organize responses to get a better gauge on customer sentiment
  • Identify conversations that need more care and should be escalated

Business Intelligence / Reporting

  • Identify sources and purpose for all your customer communications
  • Make better stafing decisions with analytics on communication volume trends
  • Identify recurring problems that need to be assessed with analytics on communication categorization
  • Drill downs provide details on specific conversations that impact metrics

Tracking Team Performance

  • Track and analyze individual and group performance
  • All key metrics like first response resolutions, response times, customer happiness are analyzed and calculated in real time
  • Attribute customer sentiment information both to groups and to individual team members
  • Identify strongest team members and those that need more training

Business Data Integration

  • All the tools you need to easily bring custom business data into Enchant
  • Connect your online store and bring real time sales data into Enchant
  • Show custom customer context and sales data alongside all communications in real time
  • Receive real time notifications of business activity happening in Enchant

Email Transmission and Management

  • Complete inbound and outbound email transmission and management solution is included in Enchant shared inboxes
  • Transmission and delivery of email messages to your customers
  • Automatic management of deliverability concerns
  • Custom DKIM signatures to ensure emails are fully authenticated to your domain
  • Email spam detection and automatic filtering
  • Full parsing of text and HTML emails, including attachments and inline images

Other Solutions