Enchant vs Zendesk | The Simple Alternative

Enchant is a simple alternative to Zendesk. By focussing on the customer support needs of small/medium businesses, we've built a product that's easier to understand, easier to use & easier to setup. If that's not enough, it also provides a much faster experience for your team and is completely invisible to your customers.

Enchant's email integration rocks!

Enchant is very tightly integrated with email. In fact, we'd go as far as saying Enchant is an email client that happens to have a help desk, whereas Zendesk is help desk that happens to do email.

Enchant is really realtime!

You know how your email client updates automatically whenever a new email comes in? Enchant not only does this, but everything about a customer request will update in real time for everybody that is looking at it at the same time. This is especially important in a collaborative environment where team members can pass requests to each other or even work on the same request together. In Zendesk, none of this is real time. You need to refresh your views to see updates made by others.

Enchant is easy on the wallet

We offer simple pricing. With Zendesk, depending on the functionality you need, a 10 member team would cost up to $8280 annually. Enchant would only cost $1800 (including basic live chat), an easy $6000 saving!

When should you pick Zendesk over Enchant?

Enchant isn't right for everybody. It's especially not right for you if customers need to be able to login to something to see the status of their requests. Enchant also doesn't have certain features like forums.

When should you pick Enchant over Zendesk?

If you primarily deliver customer support using email and take pride in providing personalized service, Enchant will be a great fit for your team. If you currently use Google Apps (i.e. gmail), you'll feel even more at home. Enchant easily handles teams of 1 to 100 members spread across multiple brands & departments.