Enchant vs Email

Email is amazing. It’s universal, it’s quick, it’s simple, it’s personalized and it works really well for customer support! However, while email is great for communication, it lacks the right tools for collaboration.

When you started out with email, you probably collaborated by forwarding emails around or just sharing a password to a common support account. These approaches work well as long you only need to answer a few emails a day. However, once you start getting lots of incoming requests, things can quickly get out of hand.

This is where Enchant comes in! It helps you answer lots of incoming requests as a team, without letting anything fall through the cracks. Most importantly, it does this without changing the experience your customers have when they contact you for support. Your customers will still just send you emails and will still just get email responses.

Let’s see how Enchant solves some of the challenges with scaling email support:


If an email is marked as read, is someone else working on it? Has it already been taken care of? Read states can cause havoc on a team.

There is no concept of read/unread in Enchant. Instead, an email creates a ticket. A ticket stays open until it’s closed by your team.

An email is delegated by forwarding it to someone. However, how do you know if your team mate responded? How do you know that the issue was resolved? It’s never really clear.

In Enchant, you delegate the ticket internally by assigning it to a team member. It shows up in their work queue and the system will notify them automatically.

You lookup information about a customer by switching back and forth between your email account and your internal systems. This is a constant dance that wastes a lot of time.

Enchant integrates with your systems so you can show important customer details beside the email itself.

You have no way to track your team’s performance and see if they’re doing a good job.

Intelligent analytics are built in and can help you measure both the current team performance and progress over time.

What if two people are replying to the same email at the same time? Your team will only find out after it’s too late!

We’ll not only give you real time notifications when somebody else is looking at the same email, we’ll also load their reply into your browser without you having to refresh!.

What happens to historical conversations if you’ve forwarded emails around? Searching for email across multiple inboxes is an absolute nightmare!

Since all your email is in one place in Enchant, we make it super easy to find past conversations. We even automatically maintain an easy to view history of email for each of your customers.