Call Center

Personalized customer service calls, at scale.

Everything you need to manage a modern virtual call center. Get setup in minutes with fully cloud based technology.

Customer calls ring in your virtual call center

No special telephony hardware needed. Your own virtual call center, all in the cloud.

Get going in minutes. Scale your operations with a local or distributed work force.

Quick access to ongoing calls in a single click

Get audio and visual alerts for incoming calls right in your shared inbox.

See which team mates are online and which calls need attention from the live panel.

The right context at the right time

Recent customer interactions and important notes at your fingertips.

Even bring in data from other business apps or your custom database: pending orders, account status, cart contents.

Whatever you need to know, as you talk to your customers.

Powerful call management.
Built for teams of all sizes.

Call Notes

Add call notes at any time - before, during or after a call.

Call Queues

Pick the next call on the queue or a specific call. Multiple queues are supported!


Automatically capture voicemail when no one is available. Transcripts are auto-generated.

Assign calls

Assign an incoming call to the right person on the team.

Collaborate While on Call

Warm Transfers: Bring your team mate up to speed before transferring the call.

Call Monitoring: Quietly monitor a live call to manage training efforts and boost call quality.

Call Whispering: Speak to a team member privately while they are on a call to provide timely guidance.

All your channels in one place.

Not just calls. Enchant is omnichannel. Also manage customer communications via SMS, Email, WhatsApp & Social.

All all one screen with one login.

Packed with valuable features

Browser calling

Connect to the customer directly from the browser. No personal numbers needed.

Click to dial

Search for a customer and their number is automatically pre-filled. Just click to dial.

Activity History

View a complete timeline of a call to find out how long the customer waited, who answered, when any notes were taken, etc.

Use your phone

We’ll connect your phone to the customer’s phone. They’ll never see your personal number.

Omnichannel customer history

See details of calls alongside all other channels. Enchant is omnichannel!

Call Assignment

Delegate phone calls to a specific team just like you would any other conversation.

Call Transfers

Triage and transfer a call to another team mate without talking to them first (cold) or hand over after a private talk with them (warm).

Call Recording

Dual-channel recording of calls for training and quality purposes. Can be enabled on demand for a single call, or can be configured to automatically record all calls.

Integrated with Twilio

You provide a Twilio API key, we provide the interface. Works with all types of numbers (short code, long code, toll free) in all Twilio supported countries.