Segment and Analyze Your Customers

Using Enchant for Effective Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is the process of dividing a customer base into groups of individuals that have common characteristics, such as age, gender, interests, buying behaviors, and more. Enchant provides functinality to segment customers into various groups based on the type of conversations they have with your business.

Classify Communications and Add Segment Labels

  • Use automated rules to add custom labels to conversations based on certain criteria.
  • Utilize these communication history labels to automatically segment customers.

Analyze Customer Communications

  • Using the reports, identify which customers are most active in segments.
  • Leverage customer segment data in customer support, sales and marketing operations.

Common Questions

What does it require on my end to setup Enchant?

For incoming email: We'll provide you with a forwarding address (eg: for every team email address that will be managed by Enchant. You would need to setup your email system to automatically forward incoming email to the provided forwarded address.

For outgoing email: We'll provide you DNS entries that need to be put in place to allow us to send email on your domain's behalf. Alternatively, you can provide us SMTP details of your email systems and we can send email through those systems.

For text messaging, phone calls and social channels, please see the integrations page for more details.

For website setup, please see the knowledge base page for more details.

How much does Enchant cost?

Enchant costs $15 USD / user / month. Here, a user is someone on your team that needs to login to Enchant.

Can I try out Enchant and see if it works for my company?

Yes, Enchant has a no-credit-card required 30-day free trial.

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