Productive teams.
Happier customers.

Everything you need to manage personalized customer conversations as a team, across all channels. Nothing slips through the cracks.

Provide support where your customers want it

For you it’s a powerful help desk solution that manages communications across all channels.

For your customers, it’s just a message on their favorite app. They never see ticket numbers.

All your inboxes in one place

Multiple brands.
Multiple teams.
Multiple languages.
Multiple channels.

Handle them all from a single account with per-inbox security permissions.

Built in satisfaction ratings

Collect valuable feedback from customers.
Use smart insights to improve team performance.

Next-Gen AI Technology

Get more done faster with AI-powered assistance and automation.

Train AI models to automatically learn from your knowledge base and past conversations.

Use AI tools to summarize, expand on your thoughts or generate responses from scratch.

The right context at the right time

Recent customer interactions and important notes at your fingertips.

Even bring in data from other business apps or your custom database: pending orders, account status, cart contents.

Whatever you need to know, as you talk to your customers.

Work smarter, work together.
Built for teams of all sizes.

Private Notes

Add notes to a conversation that are only visible to your team


Assign a conversation to best person on the team for the request

Collision Detection

Real time alerts ensure you never step on each other’s toes

Collborative Drafts

Review a trainee’s draft or take over another team mate’s response while he’s away

Stay organized with Smart Folders

Organize conversations into fully customizable folders.

The queues update in real time, so you never need to hit refresh!

Do more in less time!

Canned Responses

Answer common questions faster with canned responses

Bulk Actions

Apply changes to multiple conversations in a single shot

Focus on what’s important,
while we take care of the repeatable.


Perform a bunch of actions with a single click


Automate inbound email routing and other business workflows. They’re flexible and very powerful

Packed with valuable features


Handle all your conversations. Email, Phone Calls, SMS/Text, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram.

AI Writer

Generate draft responses to customer messages, based on AI models trained on your knowledge base or past conversations.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Save time with smart keyboard shortcuts

Activity History

View a complete timeline of a ticket to find out who assigned a ticket, when it was put on hold, etc


Acknowledge receipt of a request or let the customer know if they’ve emailed outside of business hours

Schedule Replies

Schedule a reply to be sent at a future date and time

Redact Text

Remove sensitive information like passwords and credit card numbers


Get notified by email when a ticket is assigned to you or the customer replies to a ticket. Quickly send a response by replying directly to the notification

Automatic Drafts

Everything you type in a reply is automatically saved as a draft. Start a reply while on your phone, finish it on your desktop

Mobile Apps

Mobile optimized web apps to work with tickets on the go


Organize and report on conversations

Follow Tickets

Subscribe to a conversation to receive notifications when something important happens


Export your data or customize Enchant to fit your business

Spam Filtering

Automatically filter out email spam

Single Sign On

Single Sign On via Google Workspace and SAML (Azure Entra ID, Okta, etc)

IP Restriction

Add an extra layer of security by restricting which IP addresses your team can connect from

Two Factor Authentication

In addition to a password, require users to provide an extra security code from their phone at login