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Everything you need to delight your customers


Unlimited Inboxes
Manage all your inboxes and teams within a single account.
Omnichannel Conversations
Manage conversations from all your channels: Email, Phone Calls, SMS/Text, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram.
Looks Like Email
For email conversations, your customers never see a ticket number and never have to log into anything. To them, it’s just email.
Collaborate with your team by sharing private notes on a ticket.

Organize and categorize tickets with labels. Do more faster by combining labels with triggers and smart folders.

Create custom request queues based on labels, state, assignee, etc. No refresh required, they update in real time!

Add customer notes, see communication history or even access data loaded in from your internal systems.. all without leaving the ticket!

Recent tickets are right on the customer profile. Everything you’ve ever said to a customer is one click away.
Phone Calls
Make and receive phone calls. Tracked alongside email and social tickets to create a unified customer communication history.

Display data retrieved from your internal systems on customer profiles.

Automatically run actions when certain conditions are met. Easily route incoming emails.
Get more done faster with smart keyboard shortcuts.
Delegate tickets to the best person on the team or handover to another team.
Make changes to multiple tickets in a single shot.

Answer common questions faster with canned responses. They can even be personalized with the customer’s name!

Real time alerts ensure you never step on each other’s toes.

Collect satisfaction feedback for all emails sent by your team.

Mobile optimized web app to work with tickets on the go.

Acknowledge receipt of a request or let the customer know if they’ve emailed outside of business hours.
View a complete timeline of a ticket to find out who assigned a ticket, when it was put on hold, etc.
Forward to third party
Collaborate with an external team by forwarding a ticket. Replies to the forwarded tickets are linked back to the original ticket.

Review a trainee’s draft or take over a response that was started by a team member who’s away sick so customers aren’t left waiting.

Email Notifications
Get notified by email when a ticket is assigned to you or the customer replies to a ticket. Quickly send a response by replying directly to the notification.
Emails manually forwarded by users to Enchant are automatically converted to tickets linked to the original sender as the customer.
Schedule a reply to be sent at a future date & time.
Automatic Drafts
Everything you type in a reply is automatically saved as a draft. Start a reply while on your phone, finish it on your desktop.
Include custom signatures with logos and names.
Upload attachments while replying to tickets. Easily view or download attachments for inbound emails.

Remove sensitive information like passwords, credit card numbers and attachments.

Merge tickets from the same customer into a single ticket.
Split a ticket into multiple tickets that can be tracked separately.
Use macros to perform multiple actions with a single click.
User Permissions
Control access to inbox and admin functionality.
Format with replies and notes with bold, italic, named links, etc.
Quickly slice n’ dice through your entire history of tickets.
Configure email to be sent through your email servers to have full control over deliverability.

Noticed a typo after clicking ‘send’ on a reply? Undo send gives you a chance to correct any embarrassing mistakes.

Implement custom (global or per customer) service level agreements to help you stay on the ball.
Use @mention in private notes to request team members to collaborate.
Export your data or customize Enchant to fit your business.
Ready to go integrations with apps and services you already love.
Automatically BCC all outgoing emails to a specified address.
Automatically filter out email spam.
Subscribe to a conversation to receive notifications when something important happens.
Send notifications to your systems when activity happens in Enchant.
Pin a note to the top of the ticket to keep conversation summary or important information accessible.
Single Sign On via Google Workspace or SAML (Azure Entra ID, Okta, etc).
Add an extra layer of security by restricting which IP addresses your team can connect from.
In addition to a password, require users to provide an extra security code from their phone at login.

Knowledge Base

Multiple Sites
Setup multiple knowledge base sites, each with their own set of articles.
Phone and Tablet Support

Knowledge base sites are optimized to handle visitors from tablets and phones.

Organize knowledge base articles into categories and sections.
Completely customize the site’s CSS and add branded headers or logos.
Host the knowledge base on your own domain. eg:
Manage team documentation by marking an entire category as internal.
Automatic SSL
Automatic SSL on all custom domains.
A search box on the knowledge base sites makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for.
Website Integration
Embed a knowledge base app directly on your website. Your customers can search the knowledge base, read articles or send you an email.
Collaborate on new articles as drafts before publishing.
Format articles using easy drag n drop interface, and we make it look good on all devices.


Multiple Messengers
Setup mutiple messengers in a single account, each pointing to a different team or configured for a different website.
Customize the color theme or create a custom click-to-chat button.
Transfer Chats
Transfer chats to a team member or to a different department.
Transcripts are automatically emailed to customers and also archived as a ticket.
If nobody on your team is available for chat, the chat app can be automatically hidden or a contact form displayed.
Chat Followups
The customer or the user can reply to the chat transcript to continue the conversation where it left off.

Add customer notes, see communication history or even access data loaded in from your internal systems.. all without leaving the chat!

Recent tickets are right on the customer profile. Everything you’ve ever said to a customer is one click away.

Display data retrieved from your internal systems on customer profiles.

Multiple Users
Multiple users can join a chat at the same time and help the customer together.
Connect a Knowledge Base
Connect a knowledge base to a messenger. Once connected, the customer can search the knowledge base, start a chat or send you an email, all from a single app embedded on your site.
Spy On Chats
Managers are able to watch chats in progress.

Call Center

Receive incoming phone calls directly from Enchant. Each call is turned into a ticket in Enchant Inbox.
Multiple Numbers
Connect multiple phone numbers to cover different regions or brands. Each can be routed to a separate team and managed by a separate queue.

See customer profile data before answering a call. This includes customer details and even data in from your internal systems!

If no one on the team is available to answer an incoming call, it’s automatically routed to voicemail. The voicemail and its transcript are attached to the ticket.
Recent tickets are right on the customer profile (including incoming and outgoing call records). Everything you’ve ever said to a customer is one click away.
Make outbound phone calls from Enchant. System logs each call as a ticket associated with a customer profile.
Tailor customers’ experience by adding greeting and voicemail audio messages in your brand’s voice.
Incoming calls are automatically queued until someone answers.
Share important call details via private notes only visible to your team.
Use Your Phone
When you make or receive a call, you can choose to use an external phone. The customer only ever sees your company number.
Integrated With Twilio
Connect phone numbers in all regions, of all types (toll free, long codes, short codes). You provide a Twilio API key, we provide the interface on top of it.
Call Activity
Per-call activity logs are stored in the Enchant ticket for the call.
Join and quietly monitor a live call to manage training efforts and boost call quality assurance.
Browser Calling
Answer and make calls right from your browser. No external device needed.
Cold Transfers
Transfer a call to another team member without talking to them.
Call Assignment
Assign an incoming call to a specific team member, so it only rings that person.
Transfer a call to another team member after talking to them.
Click To Dial
No dialing numbers manually. From Enchant, click to initiate an outbound call. Enchant will connect your phone to the customer’s number.
Speak to a team member privately while they are on a call to provide guidance on the spot.
Dual-channel recording of calls with customers. Can be enabled per-call or configured to automatically record all calls.


Create AI Models
Create an AI model for every inbox. Tailored to the specific use case and conversations of that inbox.
Train on Knowledge Base
Train an AI model on content added to a Knowledge Base. Policies, product information or documentation.
Train an AI model on past conversations with your customers. It gets smarter everyday, without any extra effort.
Minimize inaccuracies, hallucinations and ensure privacy of data being trained on.
Generate draft responses to customer messages, based on its training data.
Continual Adaptation
AI models get better over time through ongoing training, evalulation and optimization.
Expands on hints provided in a selection when generating drafts.


Limit which tickets are used for calculations.
Understand when ticket volumes are the highest.
Volume Breakdowns

Identify top labels, canned responses, triggers or macros.

Give your labels meaningful colors and use them to identify trends.

Ticket Lookups
Drill down to see which tickets are contributing to a section of the reports.

Track the time it’s taking to respond to customers.

First Response Times
Track the time it’s taking for the first response to the customer.
Track the time it’s taking to resolve tickets.
First Response Resolutions
View the percentage of tickets resolved on first response.
Export report data in Excel or CSV formats for more advanced reporting.
Track responses, resolutions & happiness ratings for each user on the team.
Use customer satisfaction feedback to assess effectiveness of the team.
Activity Reports
See when the team is most active.