How we use customer support surveys to create happiness machines

Some things you don’t want to hear:

“Your customer support agent was so rude to me. I’m never doing business with you again!”

“That wasn’t even what I asked. It’s like you didn’t read my email.”

“My phone is still not working! Your customer support sucks!"

Look, every single person who works with customers has felt their heart drop like a cannonball when they get negative feedback. No one likes it. But you have to pay attention to it.

Why? I’m going to tell you a hard truth. Trust me, you need to hear this.


How to make people fall in love with your app

A decent app helps you get the job done.
A good app helps you get it done faster.
A great app, however, makes it effortless.

... and those apps, the ones that make things feel effortless, are the ones we love the most.

But what makes an app feel effortless?
More importantly, how can you make your app feel effortless?