Business Intelligence / Reporting

How Enchant Provides Business Intelligence

Enchant provides businesses with insights into customer behavior and trends to help them make smarter decisions. By providing analytics and data-driven insights, we help businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customers, giving them the ability to create better experiences.

Analyze Customer Communications

  • Understand the sources and purpose for all your customer interactions.
  • Identify recurring problems that need to be assessed with analytics on communication categories.
  • Interact with visualizations of data along with trend comparisons between the last period.

Make Smarter Decisions Based on Real Data

  • Schedule staff according to the busiest time of the week and day based on the user activity report.
  • Provide higher quality of customer service even during peak times using analytics on communication volume trends.

Guage Customer Satisfaction

  • Know how your customers are feeling about their experiences with your brand.
  • Uncover the common problematic areas and take targetted actions to make improvements.

Dig Deeper For More Details

  • Drill downs provide details on specific conversations that impact metrics.
  • Quickly analyze the data to efficiently understand the “why it happened” behind the “what happened”.

Common Questions

What does it require on my end to setup Enchant?

For incoming email: We'll provide you with a forwarding address (eg: for every team email address that will be managed by Enchant. You would need to setup your email system to automatically forward incoming email to the provided forwarded address.

For outgoing email: We'll provide you DNS entries that need to be put in place to allow us to send email on your domain's behalf. Alternatively, you can provide us SMTP details of your email systems and we can send email through those systems.

For text messaging, phone calls and social channels, please see the integrations page for more details.

For website setup, please see the knowledge base page for more details.

How much does Enchant cost?

Enchant costs $15 USD / user / month. Here, a user is someone on your team that needs to login to Enchant.

Can I try out Enchant and see if it works for my company?

Yes, Enchant has a no-credit-card required 30-day free trial.

Make insightful decisions to grow your business

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