Supercharge your customer service with Artifical Intelligence

Powerful AI that understands your business and accelerates your customer communications.

How Enchant AI works

Enchant AI builds on foundational LLM technology to provide the optimal solution for customer facing AI. There are 3 major components of Enchant AI:

Neural Core: The brain of the operations. Understands your business and customers. Orchestrates tasks with multiple safeguards to ensure accuracy.

Neural Graph: The provider of memories. Manages a graph of insights and facilitates semantic recall. Ensures the Neural Core knows what happened previously.

Foundational Model: The universal translator. Handles translation of human language to machine language, so the Neural Core can make sense of words.

Faster response times with AI Writer

Expand on key thoughts, adjust the tone & wordiness to create personalized responses for every customer.

Fix spelling and grammar mistakes right from the composer to send well-polished messages each time.

Stay informed with AI summaries

Transform lengthy conversations into digestable notes, boosting productivity and helping you resolve issues more efficiently.

Enhance team collaboration by using summarized conversations to ensure everyone is up to date and ready to assist.

Keep summaries up-to-date with just one click as the conversation progresses.

Break language barriers with AI Translation

Expand your reach and provide top-notch support to a global audience.

AI-driven translation enables instant, accurate communication in over 20 languages.