Customers love the convenience of email. No waiting for live chat or making time for a phone call.

But customers don’t love waiting for a reply. They want a quick answer that solves their problem. And they want to be treated like a real person, not a helpdesk ticket. 77% of customers say their experience with you is just as important as the quality of your products and services, while 53% would trust a brand over its competitors based on their experience with them.

77% of customers say their experience with a brand is just as important as the quality of its products.

Enter the hero of the hour: Email templates. Email templates help your team find that magic balance of timely and personal.

What are the benefits of using email templates?

It’s much faster for your agents to use a template than type a response from scratch. That means your first response and resolution times drop.

Do your agents need to ask for further information? List the questions in the template so they don’t forget anything.

Dealing with stressed out customers or high volumes of queries is hard work. Templates make it easier for your agents to give a professional and compassionate response every time.

Templates are also a real MVP when it comes to keeping your brand voice consistent. A recognizable brand tone creates familiarity and connection. Now you’re not just a business, you’re a trusted colleague or friend.

How to write a good customer service email?

Make it personal. No one likes a generic response. Address your customer by name and speak to their specific situation. Ditch “I’m sorry there was a problem with your order” for “I’m sorry to hear your [model] couch arrived with damaged seat cushions.”

Get your facts straight. Have you ever got a customer service email that makes it clear they didn’t understand your problem at all? Don’t let that be your customers’ fate! Make sure you understand the problem before you reply.

Show empathy. 89% of customers say it’s important that employees are kind and helpful. Your customers should feel that you’re on their side, not like they have to defend themselves. A simple “I understand how frustrating this must be” can go a long way.

89% of customers say it’s important that customer service agents are kind and helpful.

Get the tone right. Say Toni has emailed to ask why her delivery is delayed. “I’m terribly sorry to hear of this inconvenience and let me reassure you that we are doing everything in our power to resolve this as quickly as we can.” Is too formal. On the other hand, “The postal service, amirite?” is far too casual. Aim for warm, but professional.

Thank your customer. They took time out of their day to contact you and let you know there was a problem, which gives you the opportunity to solve it. Remember to say thanks for taking the time.

Keep your tone positive and solution oriented. Your emails don’t have to be full of glitter and unicorns (unless that’s your brand) but keep it upbeat and let them know you’re working on a solution. Instead of saying “I’m sorry I don’t know if you can change the font color on that custom mug”, you can say “That’s a great question. Let me find out more and get back to you.”

Cover everything. Answer every point your customer raised in their email, so they don’t have to follow up about the parts your team missed.

Be responsible. Let your customer know what you’re doing to do next and give them a timeframe for when they can expect that to happen.

Don’t over promise. Over promising and under delivering is a quick way to disappoint your customers. Say exactly what you can do, and stick to it.

Always double check! Even when using templates, make sure your agents double check their responses before sending. Did they add any attachments or images they were going to send? Have they done all the things listed above? Now it’s ready to go.

31 Customer Service Email Templates for eCommerce Teams

Welcoming customers and general inquiries

1. Offering a coupon to a new customer

Saying hi to a new customer and offering a coupon for a future purchase starts your relationship off on a positive note.

Subject Lines:

  • Welcome to [brand name]! 20% off - Just for you!
  • Welcome [name]! Get 15% off your next order!
  • Yay! Enjoy an exclusive 10% Coupon!

These lines are warm and welcoming - and give them an exciting reason to open the email!

Hey [first name]!

Thanks for choosing us! We’re so excited to have you as a customer and we hope you love your [item].

As a thank you, here’s a coupon for [details of product or amount].

Follow us on social media for all our latest offers and updates! We’d really appreciate it if you give us a shoutout when your product arrives [link to social media handles].

[Your signature]

2. Checking they’re happy with their purchase

A customer that doesn’t love their purchase won’t always tell you. Sometimes they just don’t buy from you again. Or they tell people on social media how unhappy they were. Give yourself the chance to solve problems by being proactive.

Subject Lines:

  • Hey [name]! How did you like your recent purchase?
  • We’d love to hear your thoughts on your recent purchase!
  • Are you satisfied with your recent order? We want to know!

These subject lines show the customer that you really care to hear about their experiences. Keeping them light and personal will invite them to send a response.

Hey [name]

Thanks for purchasing [item]. We appreciate your business! I wanted to check in and ask how it’s working out for you.

We take pride in providing high quality products and we want to make sure you’re fully satisfied with your [item]! If something’s not right or you’ve got questions, don’t hesitate to hit reply and let me know.

[Your signature]

3. We’ve got your email (auto reply)

An auto reply lets your customers know you got their message and you’re working on it. Even though you can’t speak to their personal query with an auto reply, you can still reassure them that they’ll get an answer soon.

Subject Lines:

  • Thanks for your email, [name]! We’ll be in touch soon
    Personal and reassuring before they even open it.
  • We got your email, [name]!
    Simple, personal, and lets them know their message was received.

Hi [name]

Thanks for getting in touch!

This automatic reply is to let you know we got your message. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. During [business hours] you can expect a reply within [timeframe]. Outside of those times might take a little bit longer.

You can also check out [FAQ / knowledge base etc] to see if we’ve answered your question there.

If there’s anything else you think we should know, just reply to this email.

[Your signature]

4. General inquiries

Sometimes a customer has a more general inquiry. Or it’s clear that they’re not quite ready to purchase but are just putting out some feelers. A friendly reply that invites further discussion is just the ticket here.

Subject Lines:

  • Thanks for getting in touch [name!] We appreciate you checking us out.
    Although the inquiry is general, this subject line sounds personal and warm.
  • We got your email, [name]! We’ll be in touch soon!
    This lets them know they can expect to hear from you soon.

Hey [name]

Thanks for getting in touch. We appreciate you checking us out!

[answer their question]

If you’d like more information about [topic], you can also take a look at [our knowledge base / FAQ / other resource].

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, just hit reply.

[Your signature]

5. Asking for clarification if customer wasn’t clear

If you’ve received a customer query that has you scratching your head, it’s important to ask for clarification without making them feel like they said something wrong.

Subject Lines:

  • Thanks for your email [name]. Quick question for you
    Short and to the point, but still lets them know there’s an action they need to take.
  • Regarding your [Item or Service] request - More info needed
    Letting them know immediately who’s writing, and why.

Hey [name]

Thanks for getting in touch! To find the best solution, I just need a few more details from you:

[List what information you need]

You can also check out:

[Link to any information on your site that seems relevant to their query].

I’ll get on it as soon as I have those details.

[Your signature]

Sale & Promotional reminders

6. Abandoned cart

Sometimes customers get distracted, or have a question about your product, so they don’t purchase. A quick email can jog their memory, or give them the chance to ask those important pre-purchase questions.

Subject Lines:

  • Don’t miss out [name] - your saved cart expires soon!
    Creates urgency and encourages them to act now.
  • Hey [name], you’ve got some cool stuff ready to buy
    A little more casual, and a reminder that their purchases are waiting for them.

Hey [name]

Thanks for checking out our store! I noticed you’ve got some awesome products still in your cart.

[List or images of product here]

[Your cart is about to expire / the items will be saved for only 4 more days.] You can still make them yours before they go back on the shelves!

If you’re still interested in [item], [sweetener such as “click checkout now for free shipping” or “you can save an extra 10% by using this coupon.“]

[Your signature]

7. Product sale starting in a week

Get your customers excited about your next sale with this pre-sale email.

Subject Lines:

  • Exciting deals! Save [amount / %] with exclusive sale next week
    Nice and specific so they can imagine getting those bargains.
  • Get ready to save! [Brand] sale starts next Monday
    Building excitement and letting them know they could make some great savings.

Hey [name]

Exciting news! We’re having a sale on [product] starting on [date]. And you can make some awesome savings with [details of sale or discount.]

Don’t miss your chance to get yours at [reduced price].

We’ll send another email your way when the sale kicks off. While you wait, why not check out [other relevant products]?

[Your signature]

8. Last chance to buy before sale ends or stock lasts

Have you ever missed out on a sale, or meant to grab a product only to find it’s out of stock? Don’t let that happen to your customers. Send a reminder email to make sure they won’t miss out.

Option 1 - Sale ending

Subject Lines:

  • Don’t miss out, [name]! [Brand] sale ends in [x amount of time]
    A little bit of FOMO so they won’t want to miss out on a bargain.
  • You’ve still got time to grab a deal - sale ends in [x amount of time!]
    A more positive slant, letting them know bargains are still there to be had.

Hey [name]

I wanted to let you know that [our sale on product] is nearly over! This chance to [get x amount off / enjoy x % discount] goes away in just [x hours / days.]

Check out some of the great deals still up for grabs.

[Examples of products that are still in stock]

This is your chance to get your own [product] before they return to their regular price. The discounts will automatically apply when you check out.

Don’t miss out on this amazing offer - go here [link] to get yours today.

[Your signature]

Option 2 - Product running out of stock

Subject Lines:

  • [Item] is nearly out of stock - grab yours while you still can!
    Creates some urgency to take action now.
  • We’re nearly out of [item] - buy yours before they’re gone!
    Let them know that a specific item is nearly gone.

Hey [name]

I wanted to let you know that [product] is nearly out of stock. Don’t miss out on your chance to grab one while you still can!

[details or images of products that are going out of stock]

These are going fast and we’re not planning to restock [or we’re not planning to restock until x date] so I definitely recommend acting now!

Go here [link] to get yours before they’re gone.

[Your signature]

Confirmation and status emails

9. Order confirmation

Let your customers know you’ve got their order, and give them the chance to reach out to you with any questions.

Subject Lines:

  • [Order #]: Great news - your order’s in!
    Short but friendly and positive, letting them know you got their order.
  • Thanks for your order: [Order #]. We’re getting it ready to ship!
    A fun, active subject line that creates excitement for their new stuff while letting them know you got their order.

Hey [name]

We’ve received your order. Thank you for shopping with us!

Once your order is shipped, we’ll send you an email with a tracking number for the package.

[Order details including products, cost, and shipping details.]

Changed your mind? It happens! We can’t make changes to your order once it’s placed, but you can click here [link] to cancel the order within [hours / days].

We hope you enjoyed your experience today and wish to see you again soon.

[Your signature]

10. Shipping confirmation

Keep your customers in the loop by letting them know their order is on the way, and how they can track it.

You can also use this opportunity to remind them about your refund and exchange policies, invite them to join your loyalty program or give them useful tips about the product.

Subject Lines:

  • [Order #]: Great news, your order’s on the way!
    This one’s to the point, and builds excitement.
  • [Order #] - We’ve shipped your order!
    This one’s more casual, with a positive, upbeat vibe.

Hey [name]

Good news! Your [product] has shipped. You can expect it by [date].

Go here [link] to check updated tracking information.

If you’re not happy with your item, please reach out to us within [time frame] of the purchase date for an exchange or refund. OR [provide any special info about the item i.e. warranty, usage tips etc]

Join our loyalty program [link] to earn rewards such as members only discounts and free shipping!

If you’ve got any questions while you wait, let us know.

[Your signature]

11. Order shipping status or delay

Let your customers know their order status. And if there’s a delay due to order volumes, or an issue with a supplier or carrier, tell them about that too. They’ll appreciate the honesty, and it will cut down on “where’s my stuff?” emails to your agents. In fact, over 57% of customers are more loyal to brands that are transparent about issues like wait times.

More than 57% of customers are more loyal to brands that are transparent

Subject Lines:

  • Quick update about your order: [Order #]
    This one lets them know there’s information to be found in the email.
  • Slight delay on your order: [Order #]
    A bit more informative, good to use if the update is about a delay or other issue.

Hi [name]

I’m writing to let you know we’ve hit a delay in sending your [product.] [Add reason here - for example “our small team has been swamped with orders” or “our supplier is waiting on some new stock.”]

I know you’re eager to get your [product]! As a thank you for your patience, I’m including a [discount code, money off a future purchase, or other sweetener.]

I’ll let you know as soon as your product ships and send you a new tracking number.

[Your signature]

12. Product is out of stock

Sometimes a customer places an order, and the item sells out or goes out of stock faster than you expected. A friendly email offering alternatives and an apology can go a long way to making things right.

Subject Lines:

  • Sorry, your item’s currently out of stock
    Use this if you don’t currently have information on when it will be back in stock (or you’d like to upsell another item.)
  • Item temporarily out of stock - Expecting more soon
    Use this one if you already know the item’s coming back soon.

Hi [name]

I’m sorry to say that [product] is out of stock. [If you have a reason such as a supplier shortage or a specific material shortage, say so here].

I know how disappointing this is. We’re expecting more stock by [date]. If you’d like me to send one then, you don’t need to do anything else - I’ll ship one as soon as we restock.

If you’d like to choose another product, we’ve got a great selection of products very similar to the one you bought here:

[List of similar items]

If you’d prefer a refund, reply to this email and I’ll get that started for you.

[Your signature]

13. Product is back in stock

A customer has signed up to be notified when a specific product is back in stock. Share the exciting news with them using this friendly notification that their wait is over! It’s a good time to remind them about your return/exchange policy so they know what to expect if they change their mind.

Subject Lines:

  • Yay! [Item] is back in stock! Get yours now!
    Share the happy news when a product is back with plenty of stock with a slight nudge to make the purchase.
  • [Item] is in stock - Hurry before it sells out!
    Use this one if you know the stock is limited, it gives them a sense of urgency to ensure they don’t miss out.

Hi [name]

Great news! The [product] on your wishlist is back on the shelves! [If there is limited stock / popularity / other reason to act fast - say it here].

We provide free shipping to [customer location / or anywhere in the country] for orders over [minimum order value]. You can also exchange or return the item for a full refund within [timeframe] if you’re not happy with it.

Check out these other [complimentary products] that customers often purchase with this item:

[List of similar items]

Click [link] to add the item to your cart before it’s too late!

[Your signature]

14. Cancel order

Sometimes customers need to cancel an order. Maybe they ordered the wrong size, color or product. Or maybe they changed their mind and don’t want the product any more. A cancel confirmation email removes the stress of worrying whether you got the message.

Subject Lines:

  • Your order was canceled: [Order #]
    Nice and simple, lets them know their cancellation has gone through.
  • Order Cancellation Confirmed: [Order #xxxx]
    A clear and precise subject line that lets them know they don’t need to worry.

Hi [name]

We are sorry to hear that you have decided to cancel your order. Your cancellation request has been received and processed.

The amount of [order amount] has been refunded to your [payment method]. Please allow for [timeframe] for it to show up in your bank account.

We’re always looking to make sure our customers get the high quality service they deserve. What made you cancel your order today? I’d appreciate you letting us know so we can do better in future.

If you have any questions regarding your cancellation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

[Your signature]

Problem with order or payment

15. Received faulty product

Receiving a faulty product is frustrating. A helpful, human email taking responsibility and letting them know what you’re going to do about it can help save the relationship.

Subject Lines:

  • Sorry your item was faulty
    A good lead in for an email that apologizes and explains how you’re going to make it right.
  • About the faulty product - here’s what to do next
    This subject line lets them know they need to take action (good for if they need to fill out more details or send the item back to you.)

Option 1: They’ve asked for a replacement

Hi [name]

I’m sorry to hear your [item] [is faulty / isn’t working]. I know how frustrating this must be. We strive to carry only the best quality products and will be sending a note to the manufacturer about this.

I’ve ordered a replacement [item] for you. You don’t need to do anything else - it’s on the way.

You can see up-to-date tracking information here [link].

There’s no need to return the item you received.

I’ve also included [discount code etc] as an apology for the disappointment.

[Your signature]

Option 2: You need to find out if they’d prefer a replacement or a refund

Hi [name]

I’m sorry to hear your [item] is [details of fault.] I know how frustrating this must be.

I’d like to make things right. If you’d like a replacement, I can send one out today. Or I can do a refund for you. Hit reply and let me know which you’d prefer.

I’ve also included [discount code etc] to say sorry for the disappointment.

[Your signature]

16. Wrong item received

Your customer is looking forward to receiving their item - but the wrong item shipped. It happens sometimes even with solid processes in place. Let the customer know that the right item is on the way, and add a sweetener to apologize for the hassle.

Subject Lines:

  • Sorry you got the wrong item! A replacement’s on the way
    This is a good subject line for apologizing and letting them know you’ve already sorted the issue.
  • We’ve sent out your replacement item
    A friendly to the point subject line that lets them know you’ve taken action.

Hi [name]

I’m sorry to hear you received the wrong [item.] Obviously that shouldn’t have happened!

I’ve ordered a new [item] for you today, with express shipping. It’ll be with you in two days. You can see up-to-date shipping information [here].

You’ll find a prepaid return label in the new box so you can ship [original item] back free of charge. You can drop it off at any Fedex location.

I’ve also included [discount code or other sweetener] to say sorry for the inconvenience.

[Your signature]

17. Item arrived damaged

Opening an eagerly-awaited package only to find the item damaged is upsetting. A quick, kind response that offers a solution will help you build bridges.

Subject Lines:

  • About your damaged item - Action Required
    Let them know what your email is about. Use for emails where you need more information or to offer different options such as a refund or replacement.
  • We’re sorry you got a damaged item - [refund or replacement] sent!
    Start the conversation off right by letting them know you’re taking action.

Option 1: They’ve asked for a replacement.

Hi [name],

I’m sorry your [item] was [details of damage.] I understand how disappointing this is.

Giving our customers quality products matters to us and I’d like to make that right.

I’ve ordered a replacement [item] - you can expect it by [date]. You don’t need to do anything else - it’s on the way. You can go here for up-to-date tracking information [link].

I’m also including [discount or other sweetener] to say thanks for your patience.

I’ll let our shipping team know what happened so we can do better in the future.

[Your signature]

Option two: You need to find out if they want a replacement or refund.

Hi [name],

I’m sorry your [item] was [details of damage.] I understand how disappointing this is.

Giving our customers quality products matters to us and I’d like to make that right.

If you’d like a replacement, I can send one out today. Or I can process a refund for you. Hit reply and let me know which you’d prefer.

I’m also including [discount or other sweetener] to say thanks for your patience.

[Your signature]

18. Where is my item? or Shipping Delay

Waiting impatiently for an overdue item is irritating. If this happens to your customer, be sure and let them know why it’s delayed, and when they can expect it.

Subject Lines:

  • Here’s an update on your item
    Short and simple, let them know you’ve looked into the issue.
  • We’re sorry it’s late but your item is on the way!
    Great to use if the item is now on its way to the customer.

Hi [name]

I’m sorry to hear you’re still waiting for your [item]. I know this must be frustrating! I checked with our shipping department and found out that [reason for delay such as high order volume or a supplier issue.]

Your order’s on the way now. You can expect it by [date]. OR We’ll ship your order by [date] and it will be with you by [date]. You can see up-to-date tracking information here [link].

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and we appreciate your patience.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

[Your signature]

19. Credit card charged twice or wrong amount

No one wants to see a wrong credit card charge! Feeling like you mishandled their money is a surefire way to damage customer trust. A quick answer that takes responsibility and reassures them you’ve fixed the error can help repair the damage.

Subject Lines:

  • An update on your payment issue
    Encourage them to open the email with a short to the point subject line.
  • We’ve taken care of your payment issue
    Use this one when you’ve already fixed the problem.

Hi [name]

I’m sorry to hear we [charged you twice / charged you the wrong amount] for your [product]. That definitely shouldn’t have happened!

I had a look and I can see this happened because [put the reason here such as admin, system error, wrongly entered details etc]. I’ve passed this onto the team so we can prevent this from happening again.

I’ve refunded the [extra charge / difference] to your credit card. You should be able to see it in your account in [timeframe].

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

[your signature]

20. Responding to a customer complaint

You’ve got an angry customer on your hands. Maybe they’re unhappy with the service they received, or maybe they got conflicting information when trying to get their issue resolved. Your response can make all the difference when it comes to diffusing the situation and finding a solution.

Subject Lines:

  • Apologies for your bad experience
    This one is simple, apologetic and genuine.
  • Sorry to hear we failed you. How can we make it better?
    Use this one when you want to invite a discussion, such as asking for more information or asking a customer what they’d like you to do next.

Hi [name]

Thanks for letting me know about [problem]. You’re right - this definitely shouldn’t have happened. Giving our customers the best service matters to us, and I’d like to make things right.

I’ve looked into it and I can see that [details of what went wrong such as a mistake or miscommunication or training issue].

I’m going to [details of what you’ll for them personally such as escalating the issue or resolve it]. Please accept a [sweetener such as discount/free service] as an apology for your troubles.

To make sure this doesn’t happen again, I’m also going to [details of solutions such as further staff training, changes to your process,]

Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any concerns.

[Your signature]

Following up with customers

21. Follow up email if customer doesn’t respond in a certain timeframe

A customer has reached out with a problem, and you asked for further information. But the customer hasn’t got back to you. A gentle reminder can keep the ball rolling and make sure their issue gets sorted.

Subject Lines:

  • Hi [name], just following up on your email
    A gentle reminder that their issue isn’t resolved yet.
  • Hi [name] - do you still need help?
    Short, sweet, just seeing if they still want you to act.

Hi [name]

I wanted to check in with you about [problem]. Were you able to follow the [instructions or guidance given] and successfully resolve the issue?

If you are still experiencing the problem, I’d be more than happy to look into it further for you.

In order to do this, I’ll need some additional information from you:

[List information you need to know].

If you’ve got any other questions, hit reply. I’d like to get this sorted for you as soon as possible!

[Your signature]

22. How did we do?

After you’ve resolved a customer issue, it’s a good idea to reach out and be sure the customer is satisfied. It shows you care - and gives your agents a chance to tie up any loose ends or leftover questions.

Subject Lines:

  • Hey [name] - did we solve your issue?
    Straight to the point and lets them know you care.
  • Hi [name] - how did we do?
    Humble, thoughtful and lets them know their opinion matters.

Hi [name]

I’m checking in to see how your [item / replacement / solution] is working out for you?

I’d like to be sure you’re happy with the service you received. If there’s anything else I can do to help, hit reply and let me know.

Also, I’d really appreciate it if you could fill out the questionnaire below and let us know how we did. We’re always eager to improve our customer service!

[Your signature]

Refunds, discounts and exchanges

23. Refund request - agreed

Sometimes a refund request is a straightforward “yes.” Let your customer know their refund is in process - and take the opportunity to offer a sweetener for a further purchase.

Subject Lines:

  • Good news, your refund is on the way!
    Let them know straight away that their refund is sorted.
  • We got your request! Your refund is good to go
    Warm, casual, and still lets them know their refund is on the way.
  • Your refund is being processed
    Use this one when you’re saying yes to a refund but it’s not on its way to their bank or card yet.

Hi [name]

Good news - your refund for [product] is on the way. You’ll see [amount] refunded to your [original payment method] by [date].

You don’t need to do anything else - the payment will arrive automatically.

We pride ourselves on quality and I’m sorry to hear that your [product] didn’t live up to your expectations.

I’d be so grateful if you could fill out this [survey link] to let us know what could have made the product a better fit for you [or how we could have done better].

Thank you for trying us out.

[Your signature]

24. Refund request - denied

Sometimes you can’t agree to a refund request. Maybe it’s a product you don’t offer refunds for, or maybe the customer missed the refund window. A genuine email can help soften the blow.


  • An update on your refund request
    Let them know there’s more info inside the email.
  • More info about your refund request
    Let them know what the email is about and why they should open it.

Notice on these ones you don’t say the request is denied. That’s because you want them to open the email and see the full explanation of why, and any sweeteners you’re offering as an apology.

Hi [name]

I’m sorry to hear your [item] didn’t meet your expectations. Unfortunately I can’t offer you a refund because [reason such as refund window passed, or we don’t offer refunds on that specific type of item].

You can read more about our terms and conditions here [link].

I know this is not the message you wanted to hear and it must be disappointing as you didn’t get to use [item] much. As a gesture of goodwill, I’d like to offer you [store credit / discount / coupon for future purchase].

[Your signature]

25. Exchange request - agreed

If a customer reaches out because they ordered the wrong item, size or color, and you can exchange it, let them know what they need to do next.

Subject Lines:

  • Your exchange is ready for you!
    Use this when they don’t need to take any other action and their new item is on the way.
  • Action required on your exchange request
    Use this when they need to send back an item, reorder, or send you special instructions.

Hey [name]

Good news - yes, you can exchange the [item]!

All you need to do is print out this shipping label [link] and send your original [item] back to us. Once we’ve got that, we’ll send out your [replacement item].

Your [replacement item] will be shipped [x days / timeframe] after the original item arrives at our warehouse. A shipping confirmation along with the tracking link will be sent to you via email.

I’m so glad I was able to help you today. I’d really appreciate it if you could leave a review on [site] about your experience with us today.

Thank you for choosing us!

[Your signature]

26. Exchange request - denied

Sometimes you can’t honor an exchange request. Maybe the item isn’t eligible, or doesn’t come in the size, color or specification the customer wants.

Subject Lines:

  • An update on your exchange request
    Let them know there’s more info inside the email.
  • More info about your exchange request
    Let them know what the email is about and why they should open it.

Notice on these ones you don’t say the request is denied. That’s because you want them to open the email and see the full explanation of why, and any sweeteners you’re offering as an apology.

Hi [name]

Thanks for reaching out about exchanging [item].

I’m sorry that we can’t offer an exchange because [reason: policy / out of stock / exchange window passed].

I know this is disappointing. As an apology for any inconvenience, I’d like to offer [discount or code] that you can redeem until [timeframe].

We hope that you’ll give us another chance to serve you again in the future.

Thank you for understanding.

[Your signature]

27. Discount request - saying yes

Sometimes customers reach out about a potential discount - and the answer is yes! Here’s a quick script to let them know.

Subject Lines:

  • Good news, your discount is inside!
    Create excitement to open the email and get the discount they wanted.
  • We’ve got your discount ready!
    Get them excited to know the discount they asked for is just a click away.

Hey [name]

Good news - we can give you the discount you asked about!

To claim your discount of [amount] on [item] all you have to do is [click here or enter this code at checkout].

I hope you’ll love your [item] when it arrives. Remember to [give tips about product or usage].

We’d super appreciate it if you gave us a shoutout on social media when that happens. [social media links].

[Your signature]

28. Discount request - saying no

Sometimes you won’t be able to honor a customer’s discount request. But you can say no in a warm way that feels friendly and caring.

Subject Lines:

  • About your discount request
    Let them know what the email is about and why they should open it.
  • Thanks for checking us out! Info on your discount request
    Starts off nice and friendly while encouraging them to open the email.

Hi [name]

Thank you for showing interest in our [product].

We don’t currently offer discounts on [product]. [if you have a specific reason, like being a smaller company, or the cost of manufacturing the item, you can add that here.]

What we do offer is excellent quality and value - and we’re confident you’ll think so too! That’s why we have [a 21 day money back guarantee or other return policy].

If you’ve got any other questions I can help with, let me know.

[Your signature]

29. Customization request (asking for a color or size that isn’t on the website) - saying yes

Your customer might be interested in a color or size of item that isn’t listed on your website. If this is a request you can fulfill, use this script to tell them the good news.

Subject Lines:

  • Great news - your customization request is a go!
    Friendly, positive, and lets them know they can get what they want.
  • Let’s get your customized order started
    Let them know the answer is yes, while also encouraging them to open the email and take action.

Hey [name]

Good news - yes, you can order [item] in [color or size they want]!

You won’t see that option listed on our website, but no worries. I’ve got a link right here you can use [link] OR just order [this version] and add [details in the special instruction box].

Once your order’s in, I’ll send an email with shipping and tracking details.

If you need any help getting your order in, let me know.

We’re always looking for ways to improve. I’d be super grateful if you could fill out our satisfaction rating survey [link] to let us know how you feel about the service you received today.

[Your signature]

30. Customization request - saying no

Some customization requests aren’t doable. Let your customer know and if you can, offer an explanation. You can also offer a coupon or discount code for another purchase.

Subject Lines:

  • An update on your customization question
    Let them know there’s more info inside the email.
  • Info about customizing [item]
    Let them know what the email is about and why they should open it.

Notice on these ones you don’t say the request is denied. That’s because you want them to open the email and see the full explanation of why, and any sweeteners you’re offering as an apology.

Hi [name]

Thanks for checking out [product]. I’m sorry we don’t offer [customization they wanted]. [If you have a specific reason such as your supplier only offers them in specific colors, put that here.]

I’ll make it a point to let the [manufacturer or department] know about your request and see if they’d like to add it to their collection next season.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in finding a similar product, we’ve got some great items that are close to what you’re looking for:

[List options here]

If you’d like some help finding an alternative, let me know!

[Your signature]

Responding to feedback

31. Thank you for leaving a positive review or feedback

Thank a happy customer for their feedback, and perhaps offer a reward, and you could gain a brand ambassador.

Subject Lines:

  • Thanks for the great feedback!
    A simple, happy thank you.
  • We appreciate your love!
    A more playful, fun way to say thanks for the good feedback.

Hey [name]

Thanks for your great review about [product / customer service]. It’s always good to know our customers are happy - we appreciate you telling us!

Reviews like yours help us reach even more people who would love our [products / services].

As a thank you for spreading the word, I’d like to offer you [details of discount, code or free gift.]

[Your signature]

32. Responding to negative review or feedback

Social media and review sites like TrustPilot make it easy for your customers to tell the world about negative experiences with your business. By reaching out to unhappy customers you can turn the situation around.

Option 1: When you have the customer’s email and can reply there

Subject Lines:

  • Hi [name] - how can we help?
    Use this if you’re looking for more information and a way to resolve their issue. It starts the conversation with reassurance that you want to make things right.
  • Sorry we didn’t meet your expectations
    A straightforward apology that tackles their unhappiness head on.

Hi [name]

I’m sorry to hear [details of problem]. I know this must be frustrating.

Giving our customers high quality [products / customer service] matters to us and I’d like to make it right.

Can I get some more details so I can look into this further and find a solution? It would help greatly if you could let me know:

[details of information you need]

[Your signature]

Option 2: For replying on social media

Hi [name]. I’m sorry to hear about [problem]. Giving our customers high quality [products / services] matters to us and I’m sorry that this time, we didn’t live up to that. Can you DM me? I’d like to get more details so I can get this sorted for you.

Signature options

Choose from these different signature options to sign off with warmth and personality. Pick the one that best fits your email.

For positive emails such as saying yes to a request, or confirming an order or shipping.

  • Have a great day!
  • Have an awesome day!
  • Wishing you a great day!
  • Wishing you an awesome day!
  • Thanks for being a great customer!
  • Thanks for being part of [brand] family!
  • Hope the rest of your day is a good one!
  • Catch you later
  • We appreciate you!
  • Your friendly [agent / customer happiness officer etc], [agent name]

For neutral or negative emails such as refusing a request or responding to an angry or confused customer.

  • I’ll look out for your reply,
  • Looking forward to hearing from you
  • Thank you for trying us out
  • Talk to you soon
  • Thanks for your patience
  • Thank you for understanding
  • Best wishes,
  • Warm wishes,
  • If there’s anything else I can do to help, let me know
  • If there’s anything else you’d like me to know, just hit reply
  • Thanks for taking the time to reach out


Customize these templates to fit your brand tone and your customers’ needs, and you’ve got replies ready to go for any situation. Your agents will appreciate being able to offer quicker support, and your customers will love the fast, personal responses.