The Secrets Behind Exceptional Customer Support

Keep it Personalized

Nobody wants to talk to a support robot. Don’t be that company that sends a response like “Dear sir, your message has been received. I have read over it very carefully and I am sure to be able to help you” … that’s garbage.

Instead, empower the team to write in a friendly and informal tone. To a customer, it should be like they have a friend who works at your company who is helping them resolve their issue.

This will both help the customer feel like somebody cares and likely increase your customer engagement rates.

Get to the Point

Time is precious. Be clear and concise.

I should have ended this section there on the previous line, but I want to make sure you read these words. Hopefully they give you a sense of how little value fluff adds to a conversation. Many customers will stop reading at some point, get confused or completely miss the point you’re trying to say. To ensure that doesn’t happen here, where you’re reading right now, I will reiterate the most important things in the following sentence:

Time is precious. Be clear and concise!

Be Empathetic

The package reached the customer two days late. Usually not a big deal at all. Usually is the key word here. What if the customer planned for the package to reach on their child’s birthday and it ended up reaching two days after the birthday party? In this case, it’s a pretty big deal that you missed your delivery promise!

There will be many situations where you don’t really understand the customer’s pain. But it’s important to be empathetic towards their pain even if you don’t fully understand it.

Empower The Team

When someone is reaching out to your customer support team for help, it’s best if the person answering them has the power to actually do something.

Product arrived broken? Here’s a refund.
Not happy with the product? Let me prepare you a return slip.
Can’t login? Here I’ve triggered the reset password process for you.

When a support request results in the agent asking the customer to jump through hoops (intentionally or otherwise), it just keeps the customer anxious and ultimately reduces satisfaction rates.