Best Online Marketing Methods

Content Marketing

On the Internet, content is king. You share what you’ve learned online and create value for others. Through this process, others become aware of your business, and if you’ve created enough value for them, they begin to trust your brand.

The best part of content marketing is that the content continues to pay dividends years after it’s created.

Content marketing includes:

  • Blogging on your own website
  • Guest posting on websites of others
  • Creating informational videos
  • Creating a podcast for your industry

Email Marketing

This is a direct channel between you and your customers.

It starts by collecting email address and having permission to send them email. Maybe they’re existing customers who have purchased something from you or maybe you had an in-store promotion and the person provided their email as part of the deal.

Now, once you have their address, you have the unique opportunity to market direclty people with targetted offers.

Use this opportunity wisely since people are quick to unsubscribe. Only send relevant/useful emails.

Search Engine Optimization

This is the process of optimizing your website to show up higher and more often in search results.

When it works, it works really really well. But you need to understand that a lot of companies are competing to rank high for popular search terms. So your best best is to focus on long-tail (i.e. less popular) search terms.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Bringing visitors to your website is one thing, but how effectively are you converting them? Conversaion rate optimization is process of testing and tweaking your website to increase the rate of conversion of visitors.

Let’s say you run an ecommerce store. In your case, a completed sale is your goal. How can you optimize your website to result in more sales?

Let’s see some examples:

  • If a visitor adds something to their cart but never checks out, send them an email reminding them that they’ve got something in their cart
  • If you sell all kinds of sports gear, but someone came to your site by following a link from a golf community, then highlight the golf section on your website since that’s what they’re likely looking for anyway
  • If the customer is leaving your site, offer a time limited coupon that they could use immediately.

Influencer Marketing

This is a powerful one that you may not even know exists.

Influencers are everywhere around us. You follow them, you trust them, you aspire to do like them and be like them.

When they wear a product or mention a brand – you listen.

But what if a brand payed them for wearing that product or brand mention? You may never even realize it happened, but that’s influencer marketing.

It’s reaching out to influencers and finding some way to market to their audience.