What is a view in Zendesk?

A view is a way to organize tickets in Zendesk based on certain criteria. This is the primary way that agents access tickets.

Do Zendesk views update in real time?

No, views don’t update in real time in Zendesk. When a team mate assigns a ticket to you, you won’t instantly see it in your own views. 🤷‍♂️. I’m not making this up: See here and here.

This can make collaboration a little difficult, since you don’t know the true current state of the system.

In this post, we’ll consider some options to get around this.

1. Hit the reload or refresh button in your browser

Periodically hit the reload button to see if there’s anything new to work on.

This will get very tedious, very fast.

Not a great option, I know, but this is what some teams have to resort to. 😞

2. Use a browser plugin to auto refresh

A chrome extension like Zendesk Auto Refresh will automatically refresh your views based on a configuration number of seconds.

Firefox users aren’t so lucky to have a Zendesk specific plugin. But you can still use Tab Reloader to accomplish the same goal.

This can get annoying for some people, especially if they’re in the middle of a task.

3. Maybe consider an alternative to Zendesk altogether?

Inability to automatically refresh views can be a big blocker to team collaboration. If you don’t know when something has been assigned to you, how can you act on it?

Enchant is a simple alternative to Zendesk. In Enchant, the equivalent of views are called folders.

How Enchant folders compare to Zendesk views:

  • Enchant folders are very configurable (like Zendesk)
  • You can have as many Enchant folders as you want (like Zendesk)
  • You can view all your Enchant folders at the same time ✨
  • Enchant folders update automatically in realtime ✨

If you’d like to learn more about Enchant, head here: Enchant vs Zendesk.