What is a view in Zendesk?

A view is a way to organize tickets in Zendesk based on certain criteria. This is the primary way agents access tickets.

There are three types of views:

  • Default Views: These are pre-defined views provided by Zendesk
  • Shared Views: Admins can create views that are shared by the team
  • Personal Views: Agents can create views that only they can see

What are the limitations of views?

The standard views list on Zendesk only shows an agent a maximum of 20 views. To be precise, you can see up to 12 shared views and 8 personal views.

Why? We’re not quite sure, but this is the way it is in Zendesk. Once you’ve hit this limit, it becomes quite annoying because you’re taken away from the main interface to select from your other views.

Let’s consider what options you have to work around this.

1. Create browser bookmarks for the additional views

This is the free option.

From the Inbox, click on Manage Views

Find your view, click on Open

Create a bookmark in your browser for the page you’re on. You can also copy the URL from the address bar of your browser and use that to create a browser bookmark.

Now, whenever you want to go to this view, you can use the bookmark instead of having to go through “Manage Views”.

The downside of this approach is that it requirs a manual step for each aditional view. Each person on your team has to repeat this process and remember to do it again if you add a new view to the list.

2. Use the Quickie Plus app

This is the paid option.

Check out Quickie PLUS on the Zendesk marketplace.

The app basically adds a button to top bar of Zendesk’s interface which gives you one-click access to the list of your views without leaving the view interface itself.

Pricing: $0.50 per agent, per month

Sure, this is automatic but does require you to pay extra on top of already high pricing. Also, it adds yet another thing you need to train your agents to use instead of the normal interface provided by Zendesk.

3. Take a look at Enchant

Sometimes there’s no good fix and the best option is to consider alternatives.

Enchant is a simple alternative to Zendesk. In Enchant, the equivalent of views are called folders.

How Enchant folders compare to Zendesk views:

  • Enchant folders are very configurable (like Zendesk)
  • You can have as many Enchant folders as you want (like Zendesk)
  • You can view all your Enchant folders at the same time ✨
  • Enchant folders also update automatically in realtime ✨

If you’d like to learn more about Enchant, head here: Enchant vs Zendesk.