Making Sense of SEO: Lecture 3

How do you decide what content to create on your website?

Use a search keyword research tool to figure out what keywords are most important in your niche.

This will help you identify what searchers are searching for in your niche and what subtopics could use the most amount of effort.

As with any opportunity, you need to assess your competition in the space and figure out the likelihood of success. For a specific keyword, can you deliver significantly more relevant and high quality content than what already exists for the specific keyword?

On page optimization

Once you have your list of imporant keywords and phrases, the next step is incorporating it into your content.

The perfectly optimized page has a number of characteristics:

  • Unique value: It’s unique and highly relevant to the visitor. It delivers and incredible amount of value.
  • Great user experience: The content is laid out well, so the user can navigate it clearly and simply.
  • Effective metadata: The page properly uses metadata standards, including page title, description and authorship.
  • Easy to share: Buttons to share on social networks are built in, obvious and easily accessible.
  • Good use of keywords: Keywords are dispersed through the content in meaningful places.
  • Mobile ready: Mutates to fit mobile and tablet devices automatically.
  • Accessible to bots: There’s nothing stopping bots from visiting the page.

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