Making Sense of SEO: Quiz

How to take this quiz?

For every correct answer below, add one point. There are a total of 5 questions, and you can calculate your score out of 5.

If you score 4 or 5, consider it a pass!!

Question 1:

What is SEO?

  • Option 1: The art of making search engines show whatever you want them to show
  • Option 2: The process by which you can affect the position of your website in search results
  • Option 3: The process of making your website faster, so search engines rank them higher

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Question 2:

How does a search engine determine what is relevant?

  • Option 1: By looking at keywords on your web page
  • Option 2: By looking at the length of the URL of the webpages on your site
  • Option 3: By looking at how fast your website loads

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Question 3:

How does the search engine determine if your website provides quality results?

  • Option 1: By looking at the quality of websites that link to yours
  • Option 2: By looking at how people engage with your site
  • Option 3: By looking at how long people spend on your site
  • Option 4: By looking at your site’s loading speed and mobile optimization
  • Option 5: By looking at how much unique content you have
  • Option 6: All of the above

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Question 4:

What characteristic does a perfectly optimized page have?

  • Option 1: The same content from elsewhere on your website or the Internet
  • Option 2: Zero metadata, to avoid browser confusion
  • Option 3: Built in buttons to share on social networks
  • Option 4: Separate desktop and mobile version

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Question 5:

Why is information architecture (how you organize content on your website) important?

  • Option 1: Because search engines look for pages on your website that have no internal links
  • Option 2: because search engines utilize inbound links as part of their ranking process
  • Option 3: Because search engines give most importance to pages on your site that are many clicks deep

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