Getting Started with Outbound Sales: Quiz

How to take this quiz?

For every correct answer below, add one point. There are a total of 5 questions, and you can calculate your score out of 5.

If you score 4 or 5, consider it a pass!!

Question 1:

What is outbound sales?

  • Option 1: Calling people from your friend circle and making sales pitches
  • Option 2: The process of reaching out to prospects and making sales pitches
  • Option 3: The process of reaching out to prospects and setting up appointments

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Question 2:

What is more targetted, outbound sales or inbound sales?

  • Option 1: Outbound sales
  • Option 2: Inbound sales

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Question 3:

Which of the following are steps in a sales process?

  • Option 1: Identify your segments
  • Option 2: Generate leads
  • Option 3: Qualification
  • Option 4: Calls & meetings
  • Option 5: Closing
  • Option 6: All of the above

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Question 4:

What is needed for an effective sales process?

  • Option 1: Lots of money buy a big list of prospects
  • Option 2: Really understaning what segments your customers belong to
  • Option 3: Making sure the team knows how improve their sales calls

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Question 5:

Should you be qualifying your prospects first?

  • Option 1: Ofcourse, time is precious and lots of time can be wasted by prospects who will never buy
  • Option 2: No, it’s just another step and a big waste of time in itself!

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