Basics of Branding: Quiz

How to take this quiz?

For every correct answer below, add one point. There are a total of 5 questions, and you can calculate your score out of 5.

If you score 4 or 5, consider it a pass!!

Question 1:

What is a brand?

  • Option 1: Your product name
  • Option 2: Your product name combined with your product logo
  • Option 3: The way a company or organization is perceived by those experiencing it.

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Question 2:

What is the most valuable asset of your company?

  • Option 1: It’s brand
  • Option 2: The computers that store the sales data
  • Option 3: It’s customer list

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Question 3:

What factors do you need to think about when branding your business?

  • Option 1: The product name
  • Option 2: The product logo
  • Option 3: Company personality
  • Option 4: Product color scheme
  • Option 5: The website design
  • Option 6: The product design
  • Option 7: The store experience
  • Option 8: All of the above

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Question 4:

Can you pick any name for your business name?

  • Option 1: Yes, as long as you have your own dedicated website.
  • Option 2: No, there are trademark laws that you need to be aware of.

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Question 5:

What color is associated with passion and energy?

  • Option 1: Orange
  • Option 2: Red
  • Option 3: Yellow

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