Help Desk Integration - Olark & Enchant

Bring chat transcripts and offline messages from Olark to Enchant

Olark is a lightweight chat tool that helps businesses close more sales and boost conversions by talking to website visitors with questions.

The product also offers detailed, searchable chat transcripts, which offer helpful insights into each conversation a company has with a visitor.

Turn Chats into Long Lasting Conversations

With Olark integration, Enchant can automatically receive emails for all chat transcripts and offline messages from Olark. This allows your team follow up with the customer or continue the conversation over email for better customer service experience.

Integrate Olark with a Few Clicks

Connect your Olark account with Enchant by adding the Olark app from the settings page. It's a hassle free no-code solution that does not require use of advanced technical skills.

When you add the Olark app, the system will guide you through a few simple steps to give Enchant access to your Olark account. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us for more details.

Click the Install button and follow the instructions to set up automatic sending of transcripts and offline messages from your Olark account to your Enchant shared inbox.

Once you’ve added the settings in Olark, you will be able to see your chat transcripts in your Enchant customer history.

Common Questions

Is there any extra cost for using Olark Integration?
Olark integration with Enchant is configured via settings in your Olark account. At this time, there are no extra charges for doing auto sending of transcripts or offline messages from Olark.
How long does it take for the Olark conversations to show up in Enchant?
You should see the chat conversations and offline messages turn into tickets in Enchant almost immediately or at least within a couple minutes.

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